Magnum PI season 6 hopes: New billboard arrives week after finale

Magnum PI season 5 part 2
Photo: NBC

We are now one week removed from the Magnum PI season 5 finale over at NBC, and the fans are clearly not giving up in their hopes to have more of the show.

If you can head over here, you can see that today, another billboard has arrived in Times Square in an effort to keep the series around. These have been happening quite regularly ever since season 5 returned to the network this fall, and the goal still remains the same: To get a network or streaming service out there interested in picking it up.

So where exactly are things behind the scenes? At the moment, there hasn’t been any chatter about the series coming back for a season 6 or at least a movie — something that Jay Hernandez has spoken out about in the past. However, remember that the finale did deliver some of the best ratings for the show in a good ten and a half months; also, NBC surprisingly is continuing to post about the show on social media. (They did so just an hour ago from the time of this writing!) We had honestly expected that the moment the series was over, they would move on since they had less of an incentive to keep pushing content.

What we’re try to say here is quite simple: You never know what the future may hold! Just because things are quiet now, that doesn’t mean that they will be quiet in a month or even a year. If you love the series, just keep fighting and prepare to be patient. You’re going to need that.

Also, if you want to recommend Magnum PI to your friends, the first four seasons are on Freevee and the fifth is on Peacock. Our hope is that the full series will come to a Netflix or an equivalent subscriber-based platform eventually for more sampling.

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