Fargo season 5 episode 9: Why didn’t Munch kill Gator?

Fargo season 5
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Following the events of Fargo season 5 episode 9, we more than understand if you have a thousand different questions. Also, we wouldn’t be shocked if many of them are tied to Ole Munch.

Think about it this way — clearly, Munch had a chance to do everything he wanted to Gator. However, he didn’t kill him. Instead, he blinded him and threw him back to Roy. This led to Jon Hamm’s character shunning him, and the story ending for now with a particularly shocking scene with him and Dot.

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So why didn’t Munch kill Gator? Well, that is something that actor Sam Spruell was kind enough to explain further to TV Insider:

“[It’s] an eye for an eye is in terms of a debt paid, which is a theme the show has taken to its most extreme … Also [it’s] not allowing Jon Hamm‘s character, Roy Tillman, off the hook.

“He is left with a son who’s even more of a drain on his resources than he was before … It’s also an implicit punishment towards Roy Tillman… very kind of performative. You can’t say that Ole Munch lacks a kind of theatricality.”

Could Gator actually help Dot?

This is one of the questions that we are left to wonder at the moment. While it may be clear that Joe Keery’s character has done some really terrible things, at the same time we don’t tend to think it is ever too late to make the right decision. We do tend to think that there’s a chance for things to change and yet, we may have to wait and see when it comes to a lot of it. This final episode is sure to be violent, intense, and a whole lot more. Basically, everything that we could possibly want and then some.

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