Chicago PD season 11 episode 2 spoilers: A poker game…

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What can we say about Chicago PD season 11 episode 2 as we prepare for it to arrive a little later this month? Well, for starters, a game of cards is front and center. Yet, it’s not like you would expect. Nobody in Intelligence is about to join the World Series of Poker. Instead, we are going to see a pretty fascinating case that comes down to what’s happening at a game.

(Before we move forward, we should note that the following press-release info does contain some spoilers about the premiere. Read on with that in mind.)

Per SpoilerTV, we have the official synopsis below for a story titled “Retread.” Prepare yourself accordingly:

Despite being on leave, Ruzek gets mixed up in a case after a late-night poker game is raided.

Is anyone that surprised that Ruzek makes it through the break between seasons alive? Given that we hadn’t heard anything suggesting that we were going to lose the character, we were confident that he’d survive the cliffhanger. Yet, this synopsis does serve as another reminder that we aren’t just going to see the producers completely wash over what happened. They will address it in a pretty important way long-term. Hopefully, that also means some more great stuff with him and Burgess as well.

While it isn’t mentioned at all in this synopsis, we are still well-aware of the fact that we are also going to be losing Hailey Upton at some point before the end of the season. This is something that, at least for now, we’re preparing ourselves for … even if doing that is not necessarily that easy. We at least tend to think that she’ll be around for a good chunk of the season first and this is not something that is being rushed and/or forced on us at the last minute.

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