Fall TV preview: Will Seth MacFarlane have a live-action hit with Fox’s ‘Dads’?

DadsFox has never shown any hesitation when it comes to trying to pick up as many Seth MacFarlane-related shows as possible. They’ve had “Family Guy” and “American Dad” for years, and for a time they even had “The Cleveland Show.” Heck, they were even so bold as to let the man try and remake “The Flintstones” for a modern audience. So with that, isn’t it any surprise at all that they would give a live-action show named “Dads” a chance? The premise here is pretty simple, so we won’t waste much time with it: Two guys, and their meddling dads.

We have to start by saying here that if there is one thing we don’t understand with “Dads,” it’s the time-slot placement this fall. Why not find a way to pull a “Malcolm in the Middle,” and jam this show with some of the animated shows on Sunday night? Seth already owns the night, and putting a male-centered show against “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” and “NCIS” seems to be a pretty terrible idea. Sure, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” needed a partner, but there had to be a better idea than this.

As for the comedy in “Dads,” it’s reasonably funny. Seth Green has experience working on comedies, and Martin Mull and Brenda Song are worthy additions that bring in all sorts of fans and demographics. The biggest issue that we have, for better or worse, is that it’s basically “Family Guy” mixed with “Two and a Half Men”: The jokes are sophomoric, expected, and stereotypical. They also often involve visiting the bathroom. We’re sure that Seth fans will watch it once, but given its tough time-slot, it’s going to have to do more than just deliver the expected to draw viewers to come back week after week.

What’s your take on this show based on the trailer: Do you find yourself wanting more of “Dads,” or is this more than you can take already? If you want to check out all of our Fall TV Preview pieces, just be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: Fox

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