‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 spoilers: Where does Scott Porter want to see George?

Hart of Dixie CastWhen you consider how relationship-heavy “Hart of Dixie” is at times (ok pretty much all of the time), the following bit of news may very much surprise you. Scott Porter is more interested in seeing his character of George single than he is in a relationship, at least for the time being. This may upset some of you out there who root firmly for him and Zoe, but the guy’s logic here seems to be pretty well put together.

Speaking to TVLine in a new chat, Scott Porter proclaimed that his desire now stems mostly from trying to breathe new life into the character, seeing what really makes him tick rather than how he acts with a woman at his side:

“[I hope] George is single, for most of the year. That we get to see him more fleshed out and go on some solo adventures as opposed to always being tethered to a relationship.”

It may be controversial, but he may be onto something here. While you probably need one or two characters in a relationship, it may actually benefit most of these people try single livin’ for a while. It’d be nice to see other facets of their lives, ambitions, and how they want to grow themselves beyond people who are not always the most selfless in the world. Who knows? Maybe stepping up and actually asserting some independence could even help to make them be more attractive down the road. (We certainly like to think so.)

If you disagree with us, you’re probably going to be rather happy to hear that this is not exactly the direction that The CW is looking at going in at the moment. For evidence, see what sort of suspicious stuff is said about Wade and Zoe over here.

Photo: The CW

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