‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Did Nedra stop the blue team’s losing streak?

Hell's KitchenStop us when this sounds familiar. On Thursday night’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” the blue team was absolutely awful, shocker we know. We’ve seen a series of poor blue teams over the past few years, but somehow, this one may take the cake as the worst individual team in the history of the show. What makes it so astounding is that John and Anthony, who both have been fairly quiet so far, actually seem to be pretty good. The problem is that they’re consistently sandbagged by people who talk and talk and talk, and then do nothing worth talking about.

At the start of this episode, Gordon Ramsay forced one the red team members to go into the Bermuda triangle of bad cooking and terrible teamwork, and Nedra for whatever reason volunteered. We don’t know why anyone would do this. Basically, Nedra ended up losing a team challenge with this group, which was a battle of ethnic cooking that only John managed to actually do something good with. Then, she almost single-handedly sank the entire dinner serve.

We’re sure that some of you out there are saying “but there’s probably stuff we didn’t see,” and you’re right. There’s a ton of footage for this show, and maybe some of the other guys caused Nedra to be so disorganized. We have no clue. But she was clearly the weakest link, and the red team managed to do a pretty amazing job of failing in spite of the Blue team sabotaging themselves. Ja’Nel, who has been so great this season that we almost didn’t even know who she was, laid a massive egg on the appetizer station. If she had tried to cook that egg, it probably wouldn’t have been done right either. It was a bad night. People have ’em. It wasn’t exactly cause to send someone home though, but the red team actually decided to nominate Susan, mostly because she has been weaker overall.

The only real reason to keep Nedra beyond this episode was simple: She is incredibly entertaining, obnoxious, and she has occasionally shown skill. We know that Ramsay likes to keep the entertainers, but there are still times that you can really make no justification at all for keeping someone. This was her night to go, and there’s no other way to look at it.

Do you think there’s a way that the blue team will recover from this mess, and actually win a challenge? If you want to catch our most-recent “Hell’s Kitchen” interview, which features some behind-the-scenes insight on the show, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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