‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Aaron Paul hangs with Rolling Stones, coolness factor multiplies

Aaron PaulWe know what you’re thinking if you clicked on this article: Isn’t Aaron Paul already one of the coolest guys on the planet? Of all the actors that need to be swinging off Keith Richards arm to up their cool factor, Paul is the last guy who needs a bump in is cool cred, but we are still dying a jealous death that Paul had a chance to not only meet one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but actually get to chill with some of them.  This truly trumps the vast majority of things on the planet.

Earlier this week, the “Breaking Bad” star had a chance to not only attend one of the Rolling Stones’ concerts in California (completely jealous), but even had some face time with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, as evidence by the photo that he posted on his Twitter account. The band is in the middle of what is their 50 & Counting Tour, where they are playing a handful of large venues. They have already managed to bring out a bevy of big-name musical guests, whether it be Dave Grohl or modern pop royalty a la Katy Perry.

As for what Paul and the band had to talk about, maybe he was giving them an endless supply of magnets and/or Gatorade. We don’t know. All we know that it is awesome, and it helps to take the sting away from Paul’s recent snub at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. (Hey, at least his co-star Jonathan Banks was nominated.)

“Breaking Bad” has achieved its fame over the years as the show that really appeals to everyone, or at least those with a dark sensibility, love New Mexico, or just appreciate fine writing and acting. The show started slow in the ratings, but streaming formats and DVD sales have helped the show to grow so much that creator Vince Gilligan personally thanked Netflix recently for the role that it played in helping the series get to the next level.

Photo: Twitter / Aaron Paul

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