Doctor Who season 14 spoilers: A new tease on Ruby’s mother

Doctor Who season 14
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As we prepare to see the premiere of Doctor Who season 14 this coming May, we know that there are some interesting mysteries. Take, for starters, the true identity of Mrs. Flood, who shockingly knows a thing or two already about the Tardis!

With that being said, there are some other interesting questions that the show could explore here, with one of the biggest ones being the identity of Ruby’s birth mother. That is something that they are keeping intentionally hazy right now, but they also may not make you wait too much longer for info!

In speaking on this subject further to the Radio Times, here is what Michelle Greenidge, who plays Carla Sunday, had to say:

“I might know the answer to [Ruby’s mother] … What I will say is, when the series airs… I don’t think the audience are going to be ready. It is incredible. The story arc, the writing… you’ll be gripped. I’m so ecstatic with how things have played out.”

We do think there are some opportunities for the show to play around with time here and deliver a big surprise or two. We don’t think that everything within the Doctor Who universe has to be fated, but we’ve also seen this show enough over time to know that a lot of things are hardly coincidences — take the fact that both Ruby and The Doctor come into each other’s lives when they do. We do think that they each have a lot that they can learn from each other, and there is a chance for them to have a lot of fun, as well. The show will play around a lot with genre this coming season, not that this is much of a surprise. Isn’t this one of those things that they are most known for?

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What are you the most excited to see for Ruby Sunday moving into Doctor Who season 14?

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