The Curse season 1 episode 8: What is Dougie’s endgame?

The Curse season 1
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With us being just over 24 hours from the latest episode of The Curse on Showtime, why not have a larger talk about Dougie? This is a man who seems like a fulcrum for a lot of the story, mostly because Asher and Whitney’s HGTV show can only be as good as he decides to make it. This is the guy in control, and that also means that he has a great deal of power in everything that happens.

So what exactly is he actually trying to do? This feels like a valid question, mostly because he does seem to enable a lot of Whitney’s behavior, while at the same time demean and belittle Asher at every chance that he gets. He also seems to be harboring his own guilt about what happened to his wife, as we have seen in a number of different conversations.

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Now, we do think that it is important to note that Dougie seems to want everyone just as miserable as he is, and we do think there’s a part of that in what he’s doing. He knows that his work is artificial and manipulative — he has no regards for the feelings of those he is working with. He may be especially intent on making Asher upset because Nathan Fielder’s character has repeatedly shunned him away from the job, despite them having a prior relationship.

Beyond all of this, though, we do think that Dougie is still focused on trying to make a good show. We do think that he does care about his job and working to ensure that he delivers a product that works. Are there ways for him to do it that are less dirty? Absolutely, but this brings us back to that earlier point — misery loves company.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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