‘Ellen’: Jennifer Aniston talks ‘Friends’ reunion, the topic that will never die

EllenIs there ever going to be a “Friends” reunion? Inquiring minds want to know … pretty much every second of the day. Despite there not actually being any talk as to a reunion happening, there still manages to be fan campaigns all over the world for it, especially when you look at the new revival of “Arrested Development.” Of course, that is a little bit of a different situation given that this show was canceled by Fox before it was really time for it to go, whereas “Friends” had quite a run, millions of fans, and made the actors so much money that they could spend the rest of their lives sleeping on a bed of diamonds if they really wanted to.

However, Jennifer Aniston at least admitted during her guest-co-hosting stint on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week that she does at least miss working with some of the people. She filmed a sketch for the show (which you can see below) that also starred Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox, and that in itself was a sort of mini-reunion.

But would this group of friends getting back together really work? The problem with this idea has and will always likely be the simple fact that this is probably something that sounds better in theory than it would probably end up being in real life. It’s hard to imagine a “Friends” reunion working on the big-screen, since it would take away from the whole multi-camera format of the show. Meanwhile, a TV special could be awkward for a number of other reasons, but we could see NBC giving the cast anything they wanted in an effort to make it happen.

Probably the saddest part of this whole exchange on “Ellen”? When “Go On” is mentioned, especially since Perry worked so hard to make that show into a hit.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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