Fargo season 5 episode 7: Was Dot’s ‘Linda’ story all a dream?

Fargo season 5
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If you had a chance to see Fargo season 5 episode 7 on FX tonight, your mind may be going through all sorts of loops! After all, “Linda” has to be the show’s most iconic story so far, a tour de force from Noah Hawley featuring an Emmy-worthy performance from Juno Temple.

Over the course of the hour-plus, it is fair to say that a lot of ground was covered. Ironically, a lot of it happened within a dream.

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For a good chunk of “Linda,” Hawley at least tried to mask what was going on as Dot Lyon ventured into a mysterious compound, one full of women named Linda who had escaped their abusive husbands. They were led by a “St. Linda,” otherwise known as Roy Tillman’s first life. She helped to take care of Dot once upon a time, only for her to eventually flee her husband as Roy entrapped Dot and eventually married her. This story did offer up an explanation as to how Temple’s character first arrived in the Tillman family’s life, and also showcased further the relationship that she had with Gator. Those things were real, and were even told to us through an elaborate puppet show — St. Linda’s way of having the women reveal stories about their past.

Yet, the entire construct of the journey itself was a dream. Dot, who was exhausted from her attempts to escape Roy, fell asleep while at the restaurant in front of her smiley-face pancake. There were clues of this, whether it be the chicken piccata mention (which was also at the compound) or the fantastic use of the song “I’m Your Puppet.” Yet, at the same time the world of Fargo is at times so intentionally outlandish that it was easy to think that the world of the Lindas could be real. (It is actually possible that the real “St. Linda” is actually dead, and this whole dream represents what Dot thinks happened to her on some level as a means of getting closure.)

Unfortunately, Dot’s story ends in “Linda” with her becoming the victim of an accident right outside the diner. From here, she wakes up in the hospital with none other than Roy watching over her…

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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