Letterkenny season 13: Could it, or a movie, ever happen?

Letterkenny season 12
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As many of you are more than likely aware at this point, Letterkenny season 12 is the final season of the long-running comedy. Does it have to stay that way forever?

Well, one of the most-important things to note here at present is the oh-so-simple fact that “the end” of a series like this is rarely ever that in earnest. There are almost always opportunities to bring it back again later! Why not embrace that? With a show like this in particular, it would be almost silly to finish it off in a way where we could never revisit this world or these characters.

While it does not appear as though there are plans for a season 13 or a movie down the road, why rule this out entirely? Speaking on the subject further on The Produce Stand podcast, creator Jared Keeso certainly seemed open to the possibility:

“Crazier things have happened … I think just about anything is on the table. Right now, I’m pretty focused on the road ahead. But yeah, I think all of us would be very interested in that, as a prospect.”

One of the better reasons to consider this is in some ways quite simple: How many other Canadian comedies have proven to have this much broad appeal all over North America? It can be hard to find crossover success in this crowded landscape, but this show managed it and ultimately, that’s one of the reasons why there were so many seasons produced in the first place. This is without even bringing the spin-off Shoresy into the mix, which may also have some life in it yet.

As we’ve said in the past, for now everyone involved in the Letterkenny world should just take a victory lap. Most creators would be thrilled to even have three or four seasons — twelve is an achievement beyond measure!

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