‘Suits’ season 3 video: Mike’s sad situation played out in new promo

SuitsOn “Suits” season 3, we know that we are going to see the next chapter in the bizarre story of attorney Mike, but you’re not going to get much of a sense at all of what happens courtesy of the brand-new promo below from USA.

Instead, this clip is more or less just a “Greatest Hits” compilation of some of what transpired at the end of the show’s second season. If you recall, there were quite a few crazy things that went down. For one, the secret about Mike’s past in law (or lack thereof) came out to Rachel, and in turn produced a reaction that we would never have seen coming in a million years. There is going to be a morning after to this, and we can’t imagine that it is going to be nearly as passionate in a good way.

Meanwhile, Harvey also has to figure out what happens now that he no longer has a protegee at the firm. Not only that, but there is another issue that comes out of the fact that there is a merger, and he is going to be forced to work with a variety of new people with large personalities, including a man who is very much the British version of him. Rachel has her own struggles to deal with that do not involve Mike, including what she wants to do with law school now that her Harvard dream is not a reality.

What’s your take on the new “Suits” promo, and are you frustrated at all with the lack of new footage thrown in here? We have some more “Suits” season 3 scoop on the upcoming and much-hyped flashback episode over at the link here, so don’t worry if you’re feeling a little bummed out.

Photo: USA

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