What If…? season 2 episode 4 preview: Tony Stark & Grandmaster

What If...? season 2
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Tomorrow on Christmas Day, you are going to have quite a gift in the form of What If…? season 2 episode 4 on Disney+. After all, this is one that features Iron Man and an iconic villain in the Grandmaster! This is effectively two iconic parts of the MCU coming together with some really fun moments and plenty of action.

Honestly, this doesn’t feel like a story that you have to hype more beyond the title: “What If… Iron Man Crashed Into the Grandmaster?”. What else do you really need here? This is the sort of content that this show really should be embracing, mostly because it feels a lot like what so many of us grew up with as comic-book fans, back before there were a ton of movies. At the end of the day, you would sit down and wonder about what happened if various characters ended up interacting with each other — there is a sense of alchemy there that could be really fun.

Of course, another fun thing entering this episode is simply that there is a lot more still coming. After all, we aren’t even at the halfway point of the season as of yet! There are more interesting ideas coming the rest of the way, and the strategy that the streaming service has with season 2 is quite interesting: They are clearly banking on the idea that viewers are going to flock to this show with there not being a lot of other stuff out there through the holidays.

Is this something that will actually work? For the time being, we’ll have to wait and see! Really, the only what of knowing if this What If…? plan is successful is in the event the show is picked up for another season. We know that Disney may be scaling back to some extent on Marvel programming, but that doesn’t mean they are vanquishing this.

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