Is Beacon 23 new this week on MGM+? Season 2 future

Beacon 23 season 1
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Is Beacon 23 new this week on MGM+? We’re sure that there are some out there who want more of the show right away and honestly, can you blame them? The first season proved to be a magnificent bit of science fiction with great characters, memorable moments, and of course a cliffhanger that has left us with some pretty big questions already.

Now, there is little left for us to do other than look towards the future … but how long are we going to be waiting here?

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Well, we suppose that it is only right that we start this off by noting that there is no new installment of the Lena Headey – Stephan James show on MGM+ this weekend, and that last week was the season 1 finale! The good news, however, is that the aforementioned broadcaster has already picked up the second season, and all of those episodes have already been filmed. As a result of that, we are simply at a spot where we get to sit around and wait to see more of what the future is going to hold.

For now, we can tell you that season 2 is currently scheduled to premiere in April, and we’re sure that there are going to be a few more teases brought to the table over time. You will have a chance within some of those to hopefully learn more about Aster’s future — is she really dead? Also, is there a way to bring back Bart? We know that the world Beacon 23 is eventually going to be building to some huge revelations, but that doesn’t mean we will see all of them right away.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Beacon 23 season 2 over at MGM+?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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