Reacher season 2 episode 5: Will we ever see Swan?

Reacher season 2
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As we prepare to see Reacher season 2 episode 5 on Prime Video next week, let’s have a talk about Swan. Where in the world is he?

Well, at the moment there are theories aplenty all about what’s going on with this character. It is possible that Reacher is right, and we are actually looking at a case here where he’s being falsely accused of being a possible traitor to the 110th. There is a chance here that he’s simply in hiding, knowing that New Age would try to do everything within his power in order to ensure that he is taken down if he is working against them.

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In the end, we do think there’s still some meat on the bone when it comes to the whole mystery around this character for now, and he doesn’t necessarily have to surface in the relatively near future. We don’t think that he’s done — isn’t the story more interesting if he is alive? The questions here are twofold, as it really comes down to 1) whether or not the character is in hiding and 2) who he is really working for.

The real final battle

In the end, we do think that this is going to be all about Shane versus Reacher at the end of the day, and doesn’t that just feel right? Why do you have Robert Patrick unless you are going to build up some sort of huge showdown with him at the center of it? Obviously, Swan is important, whether it be due to his allegiances or just the deep ties that he has to Reacher’s past. We are already at the halfway point in the story, and we tend to think things will only be crazier from here on out.

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Do you think that we’re going to see Swan moving into season 2 episode 5 of Reacher?

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