House of Villains season 1 finale: Who won?

House of Villains season 1
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Who won House of Villains season 1? We knew entering the finale that there were a lot of contenders left. After all, we had Johnny Fairplay, Johnny Bananas, Anfisa, Shake, and Tanisha. They all had their own individual drive to take this home.

Has this show been absolutely bonkers? Sure, and we feel like the producers have probably been kicking themselves that Tiffany Pollard didn’t make it to the end. Still, this has proven to be another interesting way to use well-known reality TV personalities, which we think could be more of a focus for a lot of networks looking to bank on nostalgia. After all, there is a parasocial element to being a reality star — if you are one show and you are memorable, then people are going to want to watch you on other shows. Even when you are coined a villain, sometimes there can be a thrill in watching people be villainous!

Sure, we could wax poetic about this a little while longer, but we know that this is not why people are here. The idea here is to dive more into the results.

So, who won? Well, there was actually a genuine amount of competition that we saw throughout the 90-minute episode, and you could argue that things could have gone in a number of different ways. Yet, Tanisha is the one who took home the title this time around!

At the end of the day, we almost tend to think that we all won thanks to all the contestants who turned up and really understand the assignment here. The whole objective here is to provide ridiculous entertainment and for that, they all delivered in the exact way we wanted in advance.

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What did you think overall about the House of Villains season 1 finale?

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