Fargo season 5 episode 6: Will Lorraine ruin Roy’s election?

Fargo season 5
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On the surface, it’s pretty clear that Fargo season 5 episode 6 was one of the most atypical installments this season. After all, there was no Dot Lyon at all! Juno Temple as MIA in the present-day action, but she still had an important role in a particularly horrifying moment.

While we know that there are some moments of this show that can be lighthearted and even satirical, the end of the episode was anything but. After all, Lorraine ended up seeing photographic proof of the physical abuse that Dot suffered back when she was Nadine. It was an incredibly difficult thing to watch, but it was also important. For us as viewers, it gave us a further sense of the reality of what she’d gone through. Beyond that, it was also a way for us to see how Lorraine processed this information.

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One of the big questions from here is whether this will allow Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character a chance to reconsider her stance towards Dot. Also, it is yet another reason to go after Roy — even though she had that already.

Through most of this episode, we saw a pretty intense back and forth between Lorraine and Dot had a lot of different components. First, Roy, tried to threaten Vivian to stop him from completing the bank deal with Vivian, realizing she was not going to help him with Dot. From there, Lorraine then proceeded to threaten Vivian herself, while also vowing to destroy Roy’s chances of getting re-elected. How that will happen remains to be seen.

In the end, we do tend to think that there’s a lot of big stuff that could pay off later here, especially with Wayne now knowing the truth about his wife and with Roy trying to smooth things over with Munch. There will be a better opportunity to dive into Dot’s story soon; we’ll have to wait and see where things go…

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