Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 5: The frontrunner is…

Big Brother Reindeer Games
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As we get ourselves prepared to see Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 5 on CBS, do we suddenly have a good sense as to what’s going to happen?

Sure, it would be fun to say that on some level, but we have to say that the answer here is “no.” After all, consider the following: We thought Josh was playing the game really well! Sure, he only lost by a second or two but still, he’s out and Nicole is still there.

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So, as we look towards the final era of the game at this point (there are only two to go), it does feel like it’s really all about who we think is the best as these comps over who is in the best spot strategically. Frankie is easily the frontrunner to win right now. He still has possible allies in the game in Nicole and Britney and beyond that, he’s dominated at a lot of the comps so far. Sure, he still has to square off against Xavier and Taylor, who are both strong in their own ways, but he has a really good chance now.

As for who we’re rooting for personally, it is probably Britney, largely because she’s played the game twice and never got to be there at the very end. Also, consider the entertainment value that she brings with the diary room sessions. It is somewhat crazy to think, though, that a good three out of the five contestants remaining are former winners.

We will say, once again, that we are pretty happy with what we’ve seen from the show so far. To date, it has infinitely impressed us with the quality of some of the competitions and the entertainment we’ve gotten from start to finish!

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