The Curse season 1 episode 7: Has Asher created chaos?

The Curse season 1
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As we prepare to see The Curse season 1 episode 7 on Showtime this weekend, what story could take center stage?

One of the things that this show has done really well since the premiere is found a way to balance out a number of narratives that come and go. Take the curse with Nala, for example, or Asher and Whitney’s attempts to start a family. These threads have come and go, but there is one that has especially bubbled underneath the surface for some time now. To be specific here, we are talking about what happened when it comes to Asher and the casino.

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On episode 6, we did get a tiny glimpse into this storyline courtesy of Nathan Fielder’s character running into Bill, who wanted nothing to do with him. If we had to create a theory here as to what’s happening here, it is tied in part to Asher’s actions at the casino already have consequences. He tricked Bill into giving him access to a computer, where he could get the intel necessary to pass along to the reporter. Said reporter may have already done some damage to the casino, and Bill may have figured out the reason why.

Remember how Asher said he didn’t want to cause any harm to the people who worked there? Who wants to bet that quote is pretty empty now? It is pretty easy to theorize about how he has already caused plenty of harm and as a result of that, he has to live with the consequences. That’s alongside some other messes that he potentially creates, and we do think more are coming. This is the sort of show we’ve come to expect over time…

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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