Big Brother Reindeer Games season 2: An early case for it?

Big Brother Reindeer Games
Photo: CBS

As we prepare to see Big Brother Reindeer Games tomorrow night on CBS, is it crazy to think about a season 2 already?

Well, the first thing that we should say here is quite simple: The show is actually pretty good! We say “actually” just because we didn’t have sky-high hopes for this coming into it, since it felt like a quick cash-grab for CBS based on the franchise. Yet, the challenges heavy been surprisingly inventive, the tone seems to be perfectly placed, and the cast has been especially entertaining. There’s also been at least some strategy, meaning that there are multiple ways you can advance in the competition so far.

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What is also curious right now is that viewers do seem to be responding to the format, at least per the latest numbers. Episode 3, for example, was the first one to generate more than 2 million live + same-day viewers. Sure, these numbers are not setting the world on fire, but it is a nice improvement for a show that got off to a rocky start and it suggests that there is some positive word-of-mouth out there.

Also, remember this: Reindeer Games can’t be that expensive to produce. The grand prize is only $100,000, and the entirety of the show was filmed in a super-short period of time. You aren’t even keeping everyone in the house! If CBS is looking for an easy holiday tradition, this actually could be it — the only thing that we would really change is find more of a consistent presence when it comes to a host rather than rotating people in and out who you could be using as future players instead. Otherwise, this is the sort of camp that we consistently enjoy this time of year.

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