Is Lena Headey leaving Beacon 23, and is Aster dead?

Beacon 23 season 1
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Following this weekend’s season 1 finale for Beacon 23, is Lena Headey leaving the show? Is her character of Aster Calyx dead?

Well, the primary evidence of this is both real and pretty darn startling. Just consider the fact that the character was left to bleed out by Kir close to the end of the season 1 finale. For much of the final two hours of the season, he acted almost like a de-facto cult leader, proclaiming that she was destined to be incredibly important to the future thanks to the artifact.

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However, it’s fair to say that Kir’s tone changed over the course of the episodes, especially once he realized that she and/or Halan were ready to enter the artifact and with that, both receive the message and then be the messenger. Clearly, this was not an idea that Kir wanted, as it felt like he would not have any of the power or influence that he so courted once upon a time. This led to Aster’s apparent death.

So is she really gone? Nothing is confirmed at present, but it is clear at this point that she has lost a lot of blood at this point. With this being said, it is worth remembering that this is a show that has brought up the notion on “conquering death” before with Milan back in the past. Isn’t it clear that there are some other ways in which a character like Aster could be saved?

For now, consider this one of the big cliffhangers heading into the second season. What’s the next? That’s as simple as wondering what the apparent message was going to be that Aster was going to receive.

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Do you think that Lena Headey was leaving Beacon 23 following the events of the season 1 finale?

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