The Curse season 1 episode 6: Is Nala clairvoyant?

The Curse season 1
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We don’t think it comes as much of a shock that The Curse season 1 episode 6 was ready to throw more questions at you, and they did this in a big way during this episode. Is Nala clairvoyant, can she read minds, or have some other sort of special power? Or, is Asher reading too much into everything?

Following what happened at the fire station within this episode, it is relatively clear that Nathan Fielder’s character is starting to lose it in a pretty profound way … but also thanks to a series of events that are understandably stirring him up.

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So, where do we start here? A good place is just by noting that he saw chicken in the bathroom, which brought him back to the tiny curse that she put on him. Also strange is that there was no clear evidence as to how said chicken got there, since it wasn’t there an hour before and there was no evidence of Dougie planting it.

From here, he met up with Nala and asked her to guess, repeatedly, how many nails he had — first, hidden under a bucket and then, in his hand. At first, you could argue that a lot of her guesses are pure coincidence. With that, he picks up a ton of nails and his hand starts bleeding before she can guess. She then apologizes.

We don’t think that anything in this episode, once again, signifies whether or not Nala has abilities. However, we do think that she may be starting to wonder herself thanks to why Asher is being so weird around her. This could, in turn, cause more issues between Asher and her father, who may wonder that he’s putting all sorts of strange ideas in his head.

All of this is weird … and also entertaining … and also, once again, weird. Let’s hope it is going somewhere.

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This article was written by Jessica Bunbun.

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