Survivor 45 episode 12: Drew Basile voted out before finale

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We tend to imagine that there was something very painful about being eliminated on Survivor 45 episode 12. This was the last episode before the finale, and the final five is where the show really starts to reset. It is the last time you can use an idol and from there, we move to the part of the competition where that fire-making competition changes things up again.

So moving into Tribal Council within this episode, we anticipated that people would start contemplating who they could beat at the end of the game. Austin was going to use his amulet, which was only good until the final six. Meanwhile, Dee won immunity. We’re sure that everyone thinks that a showmance out there is a problem, but they also can’t do anything about it at this point. They are both safe and with that, you have to look elsewhere.

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As for where things go from here, we learned that Jake found an immunity idol within this episode, which he vowed to use in a way that would help his case for the money. Drew wanted Julie out this week, so he may not have even needed it. Julie, however, wanted out Drew, who she thought was responsible for his ouster. The problem here is that in order to pull this off, she would need the support of Dee or Austin. Otherwise, there was a risk at a 3-3 tie and nobody wants that at the end of the game!

So, what actually happened here?

Jake came up with the plan to take out Drew, which is what Julie and, as it turns out, Dee wanted to do anything. They clearly had the votes to take the guy out! The most interesting decision here came at the hands of Dee, who had to figure out whether or not to tell Austin what was going to happen. The vote-out felt pretty predictable entering Tribal Council!

Now, let’s get to where the votes were. Austin did play his idol for himself, and he did vote for Julie. Meanwhile, Drew got the rest and is gone.

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