Big Brother Reindeer Games premiere: Cameron Hardin eliminated

Big Brother Reindeer Games
Photo: CBS

Tonight marked the premiere of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS and for Cameron Hardin, it was a familiar feeling. This is a guy who was just eliminated twice on this past season and now, it has happened to him all over again.

How did this take place? Well, he found himself nominated, but then lost a final showdown against Xavier, one of the better competition players out there. He was pretty strategic about some of his wins back on season 23 but here, he has a chance to go for it a little bit more.

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Is losing Cameron a good or bad thing for this show? Well, that’s a little bit complicated. He’s hardly the favorite of a lot of people and yet, he also won America’s Favorite Player on this past season! There are a lot of people who are probably disappointed that he’s gone because of that.

Is this show egregiously silly? there is absolutely no doubt about it, and that is also probably a big part of the point. you can’t take a single thing about it seriously and in the end, that’s okay. The biggest thing that matters here is mostly that you have a good time watching it and/or basking in is holiday ridiculousness. This is never meant to be a replacement for the original show and at this point, the people who are probably best-positioned are ones like Taylor and Britney, who are genuinely well-liked by a lot of people and with that, it’s hard to see them targeted right away.

There is going to be a lot of Reindeer Games on the air the next couple of weeks and with that in mind, the only advice we can offer is this: Brace yourselves accordingly.

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