Quantum Leap season 2 episode 8: Big cliffhanger ahead?

Quantum Leap season 2
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As many of you know, Quantum Leap season 2 episode 8 is going to be the final episode for a good while. There is no return date yet for the next batch of stories, and we could be waiting for a good while.

So what do we know? Well, this upcoming episode is going to take you all the way to Egypt (and of course the past), as we are going to see Ben take on another dangerous leap … one that also seems to feature the return of Eliza Taylor as Hannah. Be prepared for action, drama, and a little bit of romance and beyond that, let’s just hope that there’s a chance that we’re also going to see the show take full advantage of filming out on location.

Now that we’ve said all of this, let’s get back to the big question that we asked at the top. Is there a chance that a huge cliffhanger is coming? It does feel fair to wonder, given that this is a show that should want to keep people hyped until the next episode airs. However, at the same time you could also argue that back when this was shot prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, it was hard to know exactly how things were going to air.

With all of this in mind, we do certainly think that we’re going to see a big cliffhanger, but not necessarily one that was more shattering than anything we saw at the end of season 1. The good thing about Quantum Leap is that the majority of the time, you do get some sort of cliffhanger at the end of just about every episode. It almost doesn’t matter what the story here is, since you either have Ben leaping again or a moment that changes the mission.

For the time being, let’s just cross our fingers and hope for some awesome stuff!

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