Survivor 45 episode 12: Is it Dee’s game to lose?

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As we prepare to check out Survivor 45 episode 12 on CBS this Wednesday, do we need to have a larger conversation about Dee? It is starting to feel that way.

Let’s go ahead and frame things this way: Are we looking here at one of the best players of the modern era of this game? Think about it like this. She has an incredible gravitational pull around other people in the game, and has used that to her advantage multiple times this season.

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Just in this past episode, we saw it twice. First, Austin felt too guilty keeping a secret from her about the plan to vote out Julie. Then, Julie couldn’t betray Dee and chose to vote out Emily instead with her one vote. Dee has created a world here where people feel beholden to what she wants, and for multiple votes now she has gotten that. Remember that she was also a chief component in having the vote-off of Kendra take place, and she’s also shown she can win if need be.

If Katurah, Jake, or even Drew was smart, they would get her out now at final six. While Julie may be deemed the biggest threat in the game, at the same time Dee has shown to be the strongest both strategically and socially. She’s a rare player who has actually has others working for her best interest in addition to herself. Austin could throw away his game for her and we wouldn’t be shocked!

Now, she faces her biggest challenge in trying to keep at least Austin and Julie around her, as Drew may be more expendable at this point. If she makes it into the finale, she does stand a pretty good chance of winning.

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Do you think that Dee at this point is the favorite to win Survivor 45?

If not, who would you put over her? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some other updates.

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