Hijack season 2: Will renewal news come in December?

Hijack season 1
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Now that we are in the month of December, are we on the cusp of getting some Hijack season 2 renewal news?

Well, first and foremost, let’s remind you that we’re at a point now where both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are done. Because of that, there are chances for more open and honest conversations with the parties involved here and then also Apple TV+. That hasn’t been possible for a good chunk of the year. We know that the first season was incredibly successful, but it also tied together all of its loose ends. Is there room for something more?

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Whether it be this month or at some point in early 2024, there are certainly chances for more conversations about the future. The situation here interestingly feels similar to another series in Bodyguard that bears some similarities, from the genre to even the presence of a big-name lead. Here, we recognize that Idris Elba does not necessarily need to do more Hijack in order to be successful. It really comes down to the story. The issue with Bodyguard was that it was hard to find another way to throw Richard Madden’s character into a spot that felt realistic, and it could be the same here. Is Elba’s Sam Nelson really going to find himself in a similar sort of perilous situation?

Our advice personally would be to turn Sam into a hostage negotiator or something that would intentionally put him in these sort of spots; you either do that, or you just spin the show in a more unrealistic direction and just have fun. We don’t think Hijack needs to be that serious a lot of the time; it is a thrill ride like 24, and we never minded how many day-long crises we saw Jack Bauer in.

We can’t say that a season 2 renewal for Hijack is guaranteed but still, there’s at least a chance it happens this month.

Do you think there’s going to be news on a Hijack season 2 over the course of December?

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