Big Brother Reindeer Games: Britney Haynes, Josh Martinez cast

Big Brother Reindeer Games
Photo: CBS

As we get another step closer to the premiere of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS Monday, we’re happy to have two more cast members. Of course, we tend to think that the reaction to them will be somewhat mixed.

What’s our big takeaway at present? Well, CBS loves relying on players that you’ve seen a number of times before, and in a number of different ways. Given that one of them is Britney Haynes, we really don’t mind. These castings were first confirmed over at Parade.

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Britney Haynes – The former Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 14 houseguest is still well-regarded as one of the funniest people to ever play the game, and she made it pretty far both seasons. She’s one of the three people CBS used to set the stage for Reindeer Games at the end of the season 25 finale, so we’re not shocked to see her here at all.

Josh Martinez – Let’s get polarizing for a moment, shall we? Given that he was used for a Head of Household competition, this was inevitable. He’s loud, outspoken, and confrontational; yet, we also think of him for The Challenge as much as this show at this point. He is probably more of a competitor now, ironically, than he was back on Big Brother 19.

There are more castings that are coming, so we imagine that we’re going to have a better chance to spotlight some of that moving into the near future. We just hope that this show does at least find a way for some element of strategy in here, given that otherwise, we’re just watching people do competitions and that is just a tiny percentage of what being a part of this show is really all about in the end.

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What do you think about Britney Haynes and Josh Martinez joining Big Brother Reindeer Games?

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