‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Shonda Rhimes talks Callie’s next move

Sara RamirezDepending on what happens when it comes to James Pickens Jr.’s character of Webber, the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale last week did not contain any sort of physical death. However, there still was plenty of emotional suffering that was just as bad of a fate. If you don’t believe us, just ask Sara Ramirez’s Callie. She is in a situation that she was first in years ago, in having a romantic partner cheat on her. The other difference this time is that rather than it being George, it was with a woman who she probably felt that she could trust completely in Arizona.

So what in the world comes next for these two? It’s really Callie’s call, given that she is in the driver’s seat and needs to try to understand if she can forgive someone who did something so wrong to her. Speaking about this very subject to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Shonda Rhimes had the following to say:

“What the bigger question is, is what’s Callie going to do next? Callie isn’t a victim; she’s never really been a victim and she’s been cheated on before with George. So how she’s going to take this and what she’s going to do next is going to be the bigger issue.”

We cannot imagine that this will be something that the writers keep us in the dark about for very long. There will be answers, and the only question is whether or not these answers are what people necessarily want to hear. As seen with Cristina and Owen, relationships are very tough, especially in the wake of something so horrendous as infidelity.

Let’s close on a slightly more positive note, since there was a couple at the end of the finale in Jo and Alex that ended with some happier times. If you want to read more about that, all you have to do is visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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