Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: George Santos; organ donors

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
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We had a feeling that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was going to give us a spotlight on George Santos. How in the world would they not? This was the sixth time that a sitting member of Congress was ever expelled and with that in mind, there was a goldmine of material here.

Oliver summarized this rather well, noting that Santos was better suited to be a Real Housewives star than an active part of government. There were ridiculous analogies aplenty and honestly, we would have been happy if John just did a full show about this. Of course, he didn’t, largely due to the fact that this is not the sort of thing the show often does with super-fresh current events. We are typically lucky to get a few minutes of them before moving on to something else.

With that in mind, we the show decided to veer into its main story tonight: Organ transplants. Honestly, this is one of those that fits right into the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver wheelhouse and honestly, we’re sure that it has not been covered before. It is the sort of thing that there are a lot of misconceptions about, but also a lot of things viewers should know. That was the basis for the vast majority of the show.

So what was the main focus of the segment here? Rather than just talk about the act of donating itself, it was more about the system that is used to transfer organs — one that does have its fair share of flaws.

Now, we’re not going to break down every finer point of the segment, largely in fear of this sounding just like a boilerplate summary. Instead, we’d just advise you to take a larger look at it and be shocked by some of the data that was included. We do hope that if nothing else, it encourages people to consider becoming an organ donor down the road.

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