Survivor 45 episode 11: Ranking the top 7!

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As we get ourselves prepared to check out Survivor 45 episode 11 on CBS this Wednesday, why not go ahead and rank the top seven?

On paper, we do think it would be easy to say that that the Reba 4 are now poised to dominate the rest of the game. However, we don’t think that the picture is anywhere near this simple. They can’t all go to the end together, and someone could flip.

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Below, you can see where we have everyone right now based on the current state of events. Things could easily change, but we can’t sit here and be confident that a major flip is going to happen yet.

7. Katurah – We’ve questioned a number of her moves as of late, and almost all of her story has been about wanting Bruce out. Now that this has happened, what else is going to happen?

6. Jake – He’s been a fantastic character to watch and he’s almost assuredly going to be a returning player if he wants to come back. We just don’t think anyone left is going to allow him to get close to final three.

5. Drew – Why is he our lowest-ranted person in the Reba Four? We just don’t think that his edit suggests that he’s going to be the champ. Instead, it feels like he’s been set up for a fall here. Also, what is his best move beyond just not being targeted at the Sifu vote?

4. Austin – He’s got two idols and yet, we don’t get this feeling that he’s all that much of an endgame threat. He just doesn’t have that much of a strategic or social resume.

3. Emily – She is the most interesting player moving forward in that she’s clearly smart, strategic, and isn’t an immediate target of anyone. She could also be an alternative for some Reba members of the group does fracture.

2. Julie – Based on the preview, she’s contemplating flipping into another alliance. If that happens, doesn’t it feel like she will get points on her resume? She’s clearly well-liked, and we like how aware she is in the game.

1. Dee – In the end, we can’t put her any lower than this based on the edit. While we don’t necessarily know the most about her outside the game, she’s clearly got control over the Reba group, she can win challenges, and she’s well-liked.

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Who do you think is the favorite to win Survivor 45 as of yet?

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