Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5: How did Smythe Solomon die?

Beacon 23 season 1
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For those who wanted some answers about Smythe Solomon on Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5, the story delivered! We finally now how the most recent Beacon Keeper in the present died, and whether or not Halan truly killed him, as the AI Bart has done his best to suggest here.

As you would have imagined, let’s just say that the truth is a little bit more complicated. If Halan is complicit in Solomon’s death, let’s just say it is passively at best. After all, it is Solomon himself who set in motion the final events of his life when he tried to deny Halan a landing on the Beacon. Why? He recognized there was something strange about his flight path, as he had been traveling there without interruption for months. Also, Solomon had been rather paranoid, as he was working on his secret project involving the rocks.

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It is pretty clear at this point that Halan is dealing with some sort of psychological force put upon him by said rocks, who are literally talking inside his head and, at times, seemingly even commanding him! This is all stemming from an incident that happened to him back when he was serving. He was none too pleased with Solomon when he arrived on the Beacon, and the two developed a contentious relationship fast that led, eventually, to Solomon attempting what was effectively a short-lived escape. He wasn’t able to make it far from the Beacon and in that sense, his choice to leave was what cost him his own life. He tried to request help to stop Halan from being present there but, in the end, he simply attempted to flee.

Do we think that Solom’s work was incredibly important? Sure, but how that manifests the rest of the season remains to be seen. The easiest thing to guess is that a lot of this is tied to what Milan wanted to create so many years ago — a way to “conquer” death. Odds are, this is linked to why the QTA is sending people out to the Beacon, and Solomon may have been aware of some of the larger forces at play around him.

With Solomon dead, we are back now with Aster and Halan on the Beacon alone … and seemingly with no way out after this episode. Also, Halan seemed to be influenced perhaps by the rocks themselves to scatter the minerals out — does that make them harder to be studied? Only time will there there.

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