Fargo season 5 episode 4: Does Roy have secret connection?

Fargo season 5
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Now that we are three episodes into Fargo season 5, it feels clearer than ever how much power Roy Tillman has in this world. He’s a larger-than-life Sheriff who seems to think that his version of the law matters more than what’s written in the books, and he also is desperately hunting down Dot Lyon.

As of right now, it certainly seems as though things are not exactly great for Juno Temple’s character; unfortunately, there is also a chance that they could be even worse coming up than she currently realizes.

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After all, we are pretty darn curious where Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character of Lorraine is going to fit in to this whole equation at the moment. After all, remember that she doesn’t exactly care for Dot in the first place, and that’s without fully understanding her current predicament. This is where things get messy: Is it possible that she knows Roy Tillman and could help him further behind the scenes?

Just consider this: Guys like Roy don’t get where they are without wealthy people propping them up. Based on what we’ve seen from Lorraine so far, she clearly has money, and could be one of those people who supports a Sheriff from afar (even really afar) in exchange for favors, in the event they arise. She doesn’t have to be so close to him that she would know about his missing wife Dot, so that connection may have never been made. The moment that it is, though, things could get even crazier.

Is this just a theory? Sure, but we know that Fargo is capable of a whole lot more than this when it comes to testing your imagination. Just look at what’s happening with Ole Munch at the moment!

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