The Golden Bachelorette: The odds after Golden Bachelor finale

The Golden Bachelor season 1
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Now that we are almost 24 hours away from the finale of The Golden Bachelor, why not discuss further a possible Golden Bachelorette? On paper, it feels like a sure thing and yet, there was no formal acknowledgement on the episode last night. The most we have heard is host Jesse Palmer, as well as the producers, say that they are interested in exploring the concept.

We do tend to fall into the camp that we’re going to be getting another season of the franchise and with that, it’s mostly a matter of when we’ll actually see it get the green light.

What’s the biggest issue that comes with making The Golden Bachelorette happen? More than likely, it is timing. think about it this — Joey’s season of The Bachelor stopped filming earlier this fall, and it is going to air in January. Meanwhile, The Bachelorette will start filming in the spring. Shortly after that, you have Bachelor in Paradise. Unless you found a way to get another season filmed in January or February, the next possible window would probably be next summer, in a similar spot to when Gerry Turner’s season was filmed. That’s probably one of the reasons why nothing was confirmed now.

Also, we do tend to think that ABC does not want to rush a possible The Golden Bachelorette, as they want to ensure that they get every single element of this right. The last thing that they want to do is cast the wrong person or overdo a show that has really helped to revitalize a lot of their franchise. We thought there would be some curiosity around Gerry’s season and even still, it has managed to surpass a lot of expectations.

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What is your current feeling about The Golden Bachelorette now that we have reached the end of The Golden Bachelor? 

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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