Survivor 45 episode 10: Bruce Perreault voted out with idol

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We knew that entering Survivor 45 episode 10, there was a big question: Could the Reba 4 be split up? Dee, Julie, Drew, and Austin were all dominating the game and to date, other people had been super-resistant to even trying something.

With that being said, we do think that some eyes were starting to open. Katurah and Bruce (seemingly) realized they needed to work together! Meanwhile, Emily contemplated making her move, but was this really the right time to do it?

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Emily made an interesting choice after winning the reward in taking Dee, Julie, and Katurah off to the Sanctuary. She saw this as an opportunity to bond, but while there Katurah spilled the beans on Bruce’s plans, meaning that she was never serious about the earlier conversation at all. Meanwhile, Jake wanted to separate himself from Bruce. The plan appeared to be easy when Austin won immunity and Bruce indicated that he wanted to play his idol. Jake was therefore the easy target.

However, there was a bit of conversation about Julie being the target and if Reba splits the vote, that meant that she actually could be taken out. The problem is that Katurah, Bruce, Jake, and Emily have no real loyalty to each other.

Off to Tribal Council

It seemed as though there were three legitimate candidates to be voted off here in Julie, Bruce, and Jake. Emily had this big-swing plan that Bruce would not play his idol and as a result of that, he could be taken out tonight. She really did try to sway him emotionally, making him think that he would be okay.

Bruce faced a big decision tonight in regards to the idol and, in the end, he decided to not go ahead and do it. He took a huge risk! It is also one that blew up in his face, as Emily got her big play and with that, Bruce is out. So much for the split vote at all!

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