Our Flag Means Death season 3: Rhys Darby looks ahead

Our Flag Means Death season 2
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It is true that there is no official Our Flag Means Death season 3 over at Max — but we are doing our best to be hopeful! This show has as passionate fandom as any that is out there and because of this, we are certainly curious as to what the future could be.

Based on how season 2 ended, you can argue that we’ve reached a happy conclusion to Stede and Blackbeard’s story. They have ventured off the Revenge and now, they are effectively starting a new business running an inn! There is something so quaint and sweet about it … but then you remember their past, and you have to think there’s a good chance that they won’t be able to outrun anything else that is out there.

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Speaking in a new interview with TV Insider about a possible renewal and where the story could go, Rhys Darby indicated that there could be some major issues ahead for the two — mostly because of what happened in history:

Well, obviously as it stands now, it’s very lovely and it’s a nice positive ending, which is lovely for Season 2. But in reality, if you think about the characters, even in the fictional world, they’re both outlaws, they’re pirates, and the British back then… they never gave up. They did track down all the pirates and either hang them or get rid of them. There was only a couple that got away, and it certainly wasn’t those two. So I think what they’re thinking is, yes, this is bliss, but both those characters must be thinking, this is not going to last because you’ve got to sleep with one eye open.

Even though they’re in the middle of nowhere, they’re still in an area where everyone knows what they are, so they’re going to be tracked down. So I think if it was me, [they’d] end up back in action one way or another, especially if their inn is popular, which it probably would be. Word would get around. I mean, in those days, had you heard the Blackbeard and Stede had opened up an inn, [you’d have] to check that one out. It’ll be like Planet Hollywood.

Given that this show does have its fair share of action, we have a hard time thinking that all of season 3 is going to be peaceful for these two! One way or another, we tend to think that they will reunite with their crew … we’ll just have to wait and see if that gets to happen. We know creator David Jenkins has already said that if there is a season 3, it will likely be the final one. We have to keep that in mind for now.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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