Found season 1 episode 9: Is Tony awake?

Found season 1
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We don’t exactly think that this comes as some huge surprise, but Found season 1 episode 9 delivered all sorts of twists! Sure, there were some more when it comes to Sir in the basement, but also someone from earlier in the season in Tony. After all, he is awake!

So, what does this mean? For Gabi, it is a chance to revisit the past, and this is something that could be a huge component in what lies ahead. It’s pretty clear at this point Shanola Hampton’s character has a lot on her plate. After all, she suffered a tragic loss while working on her current case and even after the fact, had to listen to a lengthy gaslighting session from Sir as he tried to claim that he was essential in everything she did. In the end, he is still there, and Gabi hasn’t told the secret other than alluding that the basement is a manifestation of her own darkness.

The biggest question here remains quite simple: Is it possible that at some point, she is actually going to kill him? For the time being, it certainly feels like she is not ruling that possibility out … and we definitely understand where she’s coming from. For now, she clearly feels as though this character is haunting and worsening her in a lot of ways and she is struggling with the prospect of how to deal with that.

For everyone out there looking at how best to do a semi-procedural drama, doesn’t it feel like Found has set the perfect blueprint? You have a little bit of the case-of-the-week element that makes every single story stand out. Yet, at the same time there is that morsel of more where you sit back and wonder just what the future will hold.

Obviously, to some extent for Gabi, it involves Sir … but will it stay that way forever?

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