A Murder at the End of the World episode 4: Is Zoomer Bill’s son?

A Murder at the End of the World season 1
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We knew that A Murder at the End of the World episode 4 was going to bring us a few surprises, and it also addressed one longstanding theory.

Is Zoomer actually the son of Lee Anderson and Bill? That has been out there as an idea for a good while here, mostly because of the fact that they were together right around the time where Brit Marling’s character would be pregnant. We’ve heard already that after she became pregnant, Andy put himself in a position where he made his son an absolute priority, and we do wonder whether you could argue if this was his motive to remove Bill from the equation already — if he is the actual killer here.

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While we suppose it is not technically 100% confirmed that Zoomer is Bill’s son, the end of the episode made it clear that both characters have a similar medical condition — something that easily could have been passed down. Darby Hart is, of course, the sort of person who would understand that this complicates things in a particularly significant way. You almost have to look and assess the entire scene a little differently!

The smartest thing this episode does

We don’t think that this is an altogether hard thing to describe — Sian is not dead, despite it seeming for a good chunk of the final minutes like she would be. It was such a smart choice for them to fake us out here, since it 1) potentially keeps her around as an intriguing suspect and 2) circumvents some expectations that we are going to see a character die after every single segment of this story.

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