A Murder at the End of the World episode 4: More flashback talk

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As we get ourselves prepared to see A Murder at the End of the World episode 4 on Hulu, why not talk flashbacks? They were a big part of the first three episodes and within some of those, we had a chance to learn more about Darby Hart’s past and how she and Bill first developed the feelings that they did.

Of course, to go along with this there are some other major questions here, including if they find some sort of resolution to the Silver Doe cases. This is something that we could see play out over time.

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So how does co-creator Brit Marling perceive some of these flashbacks, and why are they so important to the present? Well, there could be a few surprises still to come that she can’t give away, but there were at least a few things she was happy to share recently to The Hollywood Reporter:

…A large part of telling the past Darby’s origin story of falling in love for the first time while pursuing a cold case of a killer was about constantly earning the audience’s respect and belief that Darby could solve the crime in the present. It’s a really interesting thing because you don’t need to do that for a male detective or a detective with a badge, someone who’s authorized by gender or the legal system or profession to solve something. The moment they show up on the scene, you’re like, “Okay, this person’s got it.” But with a young woman who is the age and gender of the victim most often, a young woman who is an amateur and is authorized by nobody but herself, you have to constantly tell the audience with the other storyline that she has earned the right to be there. She can in fact go toe to toe with this tech billionaire and the other luminaries who’ve been gathered for this retreat, and she’s a formidable force.

Personally, we think the crowd Darby assembles in the first episode for her reading is enough to buy into her credibility and yet, we understand what Marling is saying. We also still personally wonder if we’re going to be seeing a surprise connection between the past and the present to make this all the more effective.

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