Survivor 45 episode 10: The four most likely winners

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As we think about where we are right now entering Survivor 45 episode 10, why not talk possible winners? This is a great thing about this season — it does actually feel like almost everyone has a good case. That’s a benefit of the 90-minute run time, as it makes it more that each person has moments in the sun and stories to tell. In the older format of the game, we’re not sure that is possible.

Now that we’ve spelled all of this out, let’s at least look at the four contestants who, at least for now, seem to be sitting in the best spot.

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Dee – Based on what we’ve seen so far, isn’t she the most dominant strategic player so far? She seems to be influencing the moves the most within the Reba 4 alliance and Austin and Julie both seem to have undying loyalty to her.

Austin – He’s got two idols! While he may not have that much of an edit right now, this is a guy who can easily make it to the final six just by playing them and from there, he only needs to survive a couple of votes and a fire-making challenge.

Emily – Think about the screen-time and the story we’ve heard from her so far as someone who made a lot of mistakes early, only to recover and pivot after the fact. She’s smart and if she can find a way to split up that alliance, she’s got a pretty good shot at things.

Jake – At first, we wanted to put Bruce in this spot; however, it’s probably too big an ask for him to win immunity and/or have an idol every Tribal Council. We think Jake can use him as cover for a little while and if he can do that, he can figure out a new plan. He’s the sort of guy where if he’s at the final 3, he wins.

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Who are you currently rooting for entering Survivor 45 episode 10?

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