Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5: Lessons from the past

Beacon 23 season 1
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As we prepare ourselves to check out Beacon 23 season 1 episode 5 on MGM+ next weekend, we are getting back to the present. We had a lot of opportunities to learn more about the story of Sophie in the past during episode 4 but moving forward, we are poised to see everything evolve all over again. Are you ready for that?

Well, let’s just go ahead and say here that as we move forward, we do tend to have a slightly better sense of what could matter, with the rocks being at the key of it.

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What we’ve been able to ascertain, at least at the moment, is that there is something within this Beacon that holds the key to eternal life. Or, if nothing else, a collective consciousness that Milan was able to work on in this past installment. He’s clearly figured something out that is a point of curiosity potentially for others in the present over at the QTA. Or, that’s what we believe at this point.

Is it possible that more than a century after Milan’s attempt at cracking the secret, the secret to his “science” is still on that Beacon? It would make at least some sense. Bart’s aggression may come out of a desperation to keep it there, and this would further explain the desperation by the QTA to get people out there.

With all of this being said…

Why haven’t they figured this out yet? We tend to think that there had to be some attempts at getting to this beacon in the past several years and yet, here we are at the moment. This show loves to keep all of us in the dark and curious, but we really hope that episode 5 serves as an opportunity to get at least a little more information on what could be next.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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