Found season 1 episode 8: Is Gabi stuck with Sir? The Lacey threat

Found season 1
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Through much of Found season 1 episode 8 on NBC, we clearly saw some of the highest stakes so far for Gabi. Yet, at the same time, isn’t it interesting to see us end in the pace that we did?

After all, think of it like this — Sir is back stuck in the basement and in some ways, he seems okay with that. As a matter of fact, he relishes being the one thing that Shanola Hampton’s character can’t get rid of. He is a part of her “normal,” regardless of whether or not she wants to admit that.

As a matter of fact, Sir made one thing pretty darn clear to Gabi — if he is ever not there for whatever reason, it means some particularly bad news for Lacey. (To be specific, he will “end Lacey’s life” should she ever try to turn him in.) Just in case you needed another reminder of how sadistic and/or terrible this guy really is, this is it!

The obvious dilemma that comes from all of this for Gabi is rather simple: She may harbor whatever feelings she does about this whole situation, and it is abundantly clear that this situation is untenable in the long-term. It almost blew up in her face with what happened this week! Yet, this is a woman without a lot of options, and also an alternate life that she is somehow trying to maintain. This show remains so suspenseful and intense after eight episodes that honestly, we don’t know how they’re going to top this once we get into the hole stretch.

If you aren’t watching Found…

Then honestly, what are you waiting for? The craziest thing is that before it premiered, our concern was that we were going to get into yet another drama about missing persons with no larger twist — that notion was dashed pretty much right away.

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