Frasier revival episode 8: Is it airing on Thanksgiving?

Frasier revival, season 1
Photo: Paramount+

Is there going to be an episode of the Frasier revival on Paramount+ this week? It absolutely makes some sense to wonder this! After all, consider the fact that it is Thanksgiving Day, and there are a ton of other series that are going to be taking some time away.

However, that is actually not happening here with the Kelsey Grammer series. Probably because live ratings don’t matter for a streamer service, they are still going to go full-steam ahead on making another episode here happen. Our hope, of course, is that viewers remember to check it out even if they do not on Turkey Day. The title for this one is “The B Story,” and the synopsis gives you a good sense of what it is about:

While Frasier attempts to convince the university’s provost to grant him full professor status, David faces a horrific, life-shattering crisis which will take all of Freddy’s help to get him through: his first-ever B.

Noe that we are already in the home stretch of this show and for now, there is no official sense yet if there is going to be a season 2 or not. This is one of those series that is extremely hard to gauge, largely because Paramount+ does not share viewership publicly and we tend to think the core audience for Frasier may be older viewers who are not discussing it as often on social media. We all know just how immensely popular the original was, but was there an appetite for Frasier Crane without a lot of other familiar faces?

Personally, we still feel like this show could have benefited from a slightly different title, given that calling it just Frasier may have given people expectations that they were going to see a recreation of the original. At this point, it should be clear to just about everyone that this is not actually the case.

What do you most want to see moving into episode 8 of the Frasier revival?

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