‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter talk crafting story

Dexter and Debra MorganIf you’ve been watching “Dexter” since the very beginning, we fully expect the start of the final season on June 30 to be a major opening of the tear ducts. For the first time, there is no possibility of there being a future for these characters on TV, and thus no need to keep someone alive to fill out the cast later on. It is all about the now, and everyone is at risk.

In the new video below from Showtime, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, and the rest of the cast do a pretty fantastic job at laying out what should be the groundwork for a pretty exciting handful of episodes. The aftermath to Deb killing LaGuerta is of course going to loom very large, as will trying to figure out just what in the world happens to Deb as a result of it. There is also going to be much more in the way of footage when it comes to Harrison, as Dexter has to ask himself a very important question, one that he has often chose to ignore: What in the world is his legacy going to be after all of this is over? Is he going to be remembered as a hero, a villain, or something entirely different? It all probably depends on if anyone finds out.

The end of “Dexter” is going to be rather polarizing, at least according to Hall himself. Then again, could it really end in a different way than this? It is apparent that there are those who want to see the character sit on his own throne, whereas some others want to see him genuinely pay for some of what he has done.

What’s your take on this video, and do you anticipate any one thing in particular to occur before the ending arrives? We have plenty more “Dexter” scoop for you to check out over at the link here, and it includes a look at the first promotional photo of the season.

Photo: Showtime

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