‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ finale: Was Penn Jillette or Trace Adkins the winner?

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeWhat better way to end “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” other than with one of the most bloated finales imaginable? Through this two-hour installment, we literally had so much filler that it managed to lift the already-bloated Donald Trump into the air. Who wants to see a bunch of montages of quirky moments, or charity discussions, or Dennis Rodman’s awful get-up that he wore? (After seeing that, we’re pretty sure that North Korea will never invite him back again.)

Somewhere in between seeing Amanda the Lonely Secretary (who is actually not really a secretary within the organization) and listening to Penn Jillette hilariously tell Donald Trump exactly what he wanted to hear, we did have to get a winner declared somewhere in here … right?

Going into this episode, we were largely of two minds. Our heart here told us that Penn would win, given that he was the most-dominant person on the entire season, had the most creative ideas, and also had a more positive edit on the show. Then, our head reminded us that only a tiny percentage of the time does “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” really ever make sense. Trace Adkins was checked out for a few weeks, but he was also undefeated as Project Manager, raised more money, and also made it further in his original season. We also think he has that “Trump Factor” in that the Donald has brought him back on the show before for a task.

Of course, the show waited until the least-possible second to announce the winner, just so there wasn’t a chance to debate about it. Trace is the winner, and while we were pulling for Penn, it’s hard to be disappointed. He’s a great guy with a big heart, and has been a loyal soldier for the Trump family for years.

We do want to give Donald some props for giving Lil Jon $100,000 for his charity in a pretty emotional moment, as his mother recently passed away from diabetes. We joke a lot on this show, but kudos for that.

What was your take on the finale: Did the right person win, or do you think that we’re really all losers after seeing what Dennis was wearing? If you want to read where we ranked the contestants going into this episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: NBC

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