Upload season 3 episode 7 and 8 preview: The big finale!

Upload season 3
Photo: Prime Video.

As we prepare for Upload season 3 episode 7 next week, you also have to be prepared for episode 8. The finale is here! There is so much story that needs to be unraveled here, and we know that the Lakeview world is somehow going to get even more chaotic.

After all, think about where things stand at the moment — Nora has now had an opportunity to dive more into Choak’s memories and with that, has a better sense of his plans than ever before. Yet, there are still some things that remain unclear to her, including how deep everything goes at Horizen and how her own friend is being roped into a lot of this.

Within the finale, we honestly think we’re going to get a much better sense of what Nathan and Nora are truly up against and in that way, a lot of this season feels more like a natural setup for a season 4 down the road. All indications, at least at the moment, are that we’re going to be seeing a pretty epic finale with a shocking, exciting ending.

At the same time, we also hope that this finale can start to move a few other storylines in a pretty defined direction. Is Ingrid going to finally get some of what she wants out of her life? This is something that has, rather routinely, seen a number of major things that she wants in life routinely slammed in her face. She hasn’t been able to accept that Nathan is not right for her … but will she be able to find someone else who is?

The biggest question mark we have

Why are there only eight episodes this season? Some of it may just be the release pattern that Prime Video has chosen for the show, but it absolutely does feel like almost everything when it comes to Upload season 3 has moved way too fast. We want to see more with these characters!

What do you think is going to happen over the course of Upload season 3 finale?

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