‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Kevin McKidd talks Cristina, Owen’s future

OwenIs there a hope for Cristina and Owen following the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 finale? If you go just from the standpoint of where the two are now, there may actually be a part of you that hopes that if the couple does choose to end things, they do so now rather than try to keep a charade going. After all, this was not a screaming-your-face-off fight that we saw. Instead, it was Cristina recognizing that Owen wants something that she is not interesting in giving him, and thus she believes that it may be better for her at the end of the day to just let the man go.

As for whether or not this is really the end, you should know better than that. After all, Kevin McKidd tells TV Guide in a new interview that he still thinks that these two on / off / on-again / off-again people can find a way to make this work:

“I doubt [this is the end] because whether they ever are together again, there’s so much connection and history between them that they’re always going to have some kind of relationship. It’s almost like people who are parents, if they break up, they’ll always be connected by that thing. Owen and Cristina have been through so much that those things will never go away. I know Owen is going to feel a lot of yearning and be heartbroken for quite some time. The sad fact is that Owen and Cristina are in a good place. I don’t think it’s the end for them, it’s just another turn in their very complicated relationship. In a strange way, this is Cristina showing how much she cares for this guy.”

McKidd says that he already knows some elements of season 10’s story, and the two will not be completely over. As to how it manifests itself, that is one of approximately a billion questions that we have to ask ourselves right about now.

If you want a tease about some other questions pertaining to Callie and Arizona, our suggestion is that you check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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