‘American Idol’: Runner-up Kree Harrison talks friendship with Kellie Pickler

Kree HarrisonIf there is one aspect of the “American Idol” experience that is sometimes not talked about as much as you would want it to be, it is the show’s interesting relationship with “Dancing with the Stars.” Given that the two shows are filmed on the same lot, there are plenty of opportunities for communication between various stars. (After all, Pia Toscano had a relationship born out of her close proximity to Mark Ballas.)

On this season, the close location between the two sets has served as an asset somewhat to Kree Harrison and her friendship with Kellie Pickler. Both are active in Nashville, and knew each other prior to taking part on their respective shows. As a matter of fact, there was a big to-do made in the press about them possibly getting matching tattoos if they each won.

Considering that Kree placed second on her show, she now has an out when it comes to the tattoo, however she still gave a pretty funny answer on the subject when asked as a part of a conference call with reporters on Friday:

“OK. This is a joke that’s just gone wrong! I talk to her all the time. But I haven’t heard from her. I’m sure she understands that it’s a whirlwind. But I will definitely talk to her. And I’m so freaking proud of her. I hope she wins Dancing With the Stars. I’m rooting for her. I know the Idol family is too.  Me and Angie and Janell voted for her. We’re so proud of each other, and I’ve gotten to see her at the studios. She’s such an amazing woman and friend. I hope to collaborate soon.”

Kree also said that she and Kellie are hoping to collaborate more on some music in the future, especially as they each also delve into the recording process.

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Photo: Fox

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