‘Real Housewives if New Jersey’: The Teresa Giudice – Melissa Gorga song war

Real Housewives of New JerseyAnd to think, we’ve sat around and thought that “On Display” was just a self-indulgent song about what Melissa Gorga believed the process of fame would be. Who knew that it was actually a song that someone would want to claim inspiration for?

While we had never heard this theory once in our entire life, there is apparently some speculation floating around here (somewhere) that this song may have been inspired from Melissa watching the experience that Teresa Giudice was having as a reality star. For the sake of good journalism (and not because we actually believe this theory at all), let’s try to follow this through. “On Display” was written before Melissa was a big star at all, and she was just filming “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” with the show’s camera crew around her. Therefore, it’s possible that she could have seen what was happening with Teresa, and have been like “this must be what being famous is like.”

This is where we think that this theory ends. All of these women have such aspirations for fame that it’s unlikely that Melissa would have really thought of her sister-in-law at all. This was meant to really just be a cheesy dance song, but it was clearly written with some sort of subversive dream that Melissa wanted for herself: The weight of the world, people watching her every move, and waiting to see if she would rise to the occasion. If she didn’t want these things, she would have never written the song to begin with.

These ridiculous chronicles are described in the video below from Sunday night’s “NJ Housewives Tell All” special (airing on Bravo at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time), which is really just a nice way for the network to fill time. They have a little time left until the series does come back with all new episodes on June 2, and they have to put something in there.

Do you have an opinion on this at all, or does the thought of even caring about this make you want to have a Teresa-esque freakout? There is a full trailer for the upcoming “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season here, and it probably has all of the fighting that you were hoping for.

Photo: Bravo

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